By purchasing any membership offering via the Site, you agree to the Terms of Use, including, without limitation the specified below. These Terms of Sale form part of the overall Terms of Use of the Site and are to be read in consonance with them.

These Terms of Sale are part of the overall Terms of Use of the Site. By purchasing any membership offering on the site, you agree to all the Terms of Use applicable.


    The below rules of use apply for the redemption and usage of the vouchers unless otherwise stated in the specific terms and condition of the voucher

    1. Vouchers
      • Ensure that you thoroughly go through the Rules of use and every voucher carefully for specific/relevant/applicable terms & conditions.
      • All offers are available at any time during regular working hours, unless otherwise specified.
      • Vouchers are valid only at the specified locations.
      • Vouchers are not-transferable and void if purchased, sold or bartered for cash.
      • Offer applicable only to the items and terms specified on the voucher.
      • All vouchers are valid for the membership purchased and the period for which the membership is applicable unless otherwise specified.
      • The vouchers are not valid on :
        • Valentine’s Day
        • Christmas Eve
        • Christmas
        • New Year’s Eve
      • The vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/deal/promotion/loyalty points/sale/menu promos etc.
    2. Using your Voucher
      • Ensure that you read the Rule of Use and specific terms and conditions.
      • Select your voucher and present it at the venue. In case of mobile application, show the selected vouchers on your mobile screen.
      • Intimate the server/manager that you will be using the City Surf voucher. Failure to do the same, can lead to voucher not being accepted.
      • Please present your voucher prior to bill request/placing of order, or paying for tickets/service.
      • In case of your Mobile Application Coupons, carry your mobile on which the application is downloaded to the outlet. Ask the manager/server to enter a valid four digit PIN on your mobile for authentication & successful redemption. This step needs to be executed before asking for your bill/placing the order or paying for tickets/service
    3. Five Star and Dining Category
      • A maximum of 4 vouchers can be redeemed per table.
      • There can be only one bill per table.
      • The least expensive item/service according to value will be deducted.
      • The voucher/s have to be redeemed in the same visit. The benefit/s cannot be carried forward.
      • Usage:
        Number of People Number of Vouchers can be used
        1-2 1 Voucher
        3-4 2 Vouchers
        5-6 3 Vouchers
        7 and Above 4 Vouchers
    4. Lifestyle Category
      • Terms & Conditions may vary for each participating partner. Please refer to individual vouchers for validity, usage, age restrictions and safety guidelines.
      • The voucher can be used individually or the service/treatment can be booked with one extra companion, unless otherwise specified
      • The voucher has to be redeemed in the same visit. The benefit/s cannot be carried forward.
      • Appointments/Services are subject to availability
      • Valid on Prior Appointments only
    5. General
      • City Surf cannot be held responsible if an outlet is closed temporarily or permanently during the voucher validity period or at any point in time fails to honor the voucher.
      • Vouchers are not valid on Special Events/Special Nights at the Partner outlets.
      • All vouchers are valid only on Dine In, unless otherwise specified.
      • Vouchers not valid on Home Delivery and Take Away, unless otherwise specified.
      • Rice/Noodle/Indian breads/Breads are considered as side orders and will not be considered under Main Course/Starter category.
      • Vouchers not applicable on Platters, unless otherwise specified
      • IMFL – Indian Made Foreign Liquor
      • Alcoholic Beverage Vouchers are not valid on Dry Days
      • Drink vouchers can only be redeemed after duly verifying the customers age
      • All local/national laws and rules that apply to regular customers, also apply to City Surf voucher holders.
      • The merchant /vendor is solely responsible for the taxes levied against the services provided.
      • City Surf will not be responsible for the quality of services provided by the merchants/vendors

    Voucher means a instrument which entitles the holder to receive deals/offerings from the merchants/vendor of City Surf. The vouchers can be in physical form or electronic format and can be shown on the mobile.The validity of the vouchers are as per the specified membership plan the customer has signed up for. All vouchers expire on the expiry of the membership period. Once a voucher is used, it cannot be used again, unless until purchased again as part of new membership plan.

    • Purchase of the membership plans :
      1. The customer selects a membership plan from the available plans on the site and purchases the membership plan most suitable to his/her needs.
      2. The membership plans are city specific. The customer can select single or multiple city membership plans.
      3. The customer can either use City Surf wallet credits to purchase a membership plan or pay on the site, through a verified and secured payment gateway, or can use a combination of both.
      4. After the successful purchase, all coupons related to that membership plan become active and get unlocked for usage.
      5. The customer can use unlimited number of active/unlocked vouchers during the active membership period.
      6. Once a voucher has been used, it gets locked and can be used again only after the purchase of a new membership plan.
      7. All vouchers expire on the expiry of the membership plan
      8. The duration and expiry date of the active membership plan can be seen in the My Profile page on the site

    The membership plan once purchased is non-refundable. The sale of membership plans is final and binding in  all cases. We do not have any refund policy incase of membership plans purchased on our site. All unused vouchers expire at the end of the membership period. In order to use any single voucher, the membership plan needs to be purchased.In case of any issues, advice and feedback for us, we would be happy to hear from you. Please email us at

    We follow a membership model and hence do not allow any refund, return or cancellation of membership plans purchased by the customer.

    In case of any unforeseen technical errors/bugs at our end which lead to issues regarding the purchase of membership plans, unable to use city surf wallet to buy membership plan, or any issues related to voucher usage and redemption. We will look case by case issues and will be happy to address them. It is our endeavour to keep our customers happy and satisfied at all times .


    In case of any genuine issues related to usage and redemption of the vouchers at any of our merchant outlets, please feel free to let us know and we will make sure we look into this issue and address it in the most suitable manner.In case of any technical issues faced with the mobile application during the usage, please let us know at the earliest, and our team will try to fix it as early as possible. We always look forward to your views, opinions, feedback and they help us to improve our service offering to our customers.